If you do what is easy your life will be hard but if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.
What ever you need to do in the meantime while keeping your eyes on the bigger game, Just do it. If you must sell pure water, sell it. but make sure your eyes is on the goal.
If you hear the success story of any successful man or woman. There is something common in their story-line. They kept their faith alive and eyes on the goal while working hard, saving money, planning and taking risks. Failures didn’t stop them. they kept coming back again and again until their dreams became a reality. Perhaps your friends have taken the so called easy shortcuts. Relax… there is no shortcuts in life. They will still go back to square one. The road to success is like a child that starts going to school. You will first enter primary one before primary two. You will first complete Primary school before joining secondary school. You must pay the price of hard work, patience and endurance. Don’t give up in your struggle. Don’t go back to your comfort zone. its better to leave the comfort zone intentionally than to wait until the comfort zone forces you to leave. You may not survive it. Fight the fight now… Go through the pain now. Become uncomfortable with being comfortable. Be angry, be hungry..
To be successful you have to be angry and hungry. People that are hungry are willing to do the things today other won’t do in-other to have the things tomorrow other won’t have. Your perseverance will soon pay.